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Doctor Grade Nutraceuticals (herbal mixtures)

It is a common belief that joint cartilage or vertebral fibrocartilage cannot regenerate or regrow and any damage to the cartilage will be permanent.  Actually, cartilaginous tissues can be regenerated.  However, regeneration is much slower than degeneration as people age due to a decrease in microcirculation of the synovial lining resulting in decreased nutrient supply to the avascular cartilage. 

A combination of herbs works synergistically to increase local blood flow and microcirculation in order to enhance nutrient supply and cellular activity for tissue regeneration.  The herbs also increase local lymphatic circulation and stimulate the immune system to clear waste and cellular debris effectively.  They open the smallest blood vessels to enhance whole body circulation and accelerate healing.  The enhanced microcirculation also improves nutrient absorption from the digestive tract to assist in healing and combat the aging process.

For Those Who Can't Treat In Our Office 

Don't think that you have to go through surgery or simply "buy time" with dangerous injections that actually speed the degenerative process. You can still have incredible results with the patches and herbal remedies even if you cannot come into our office for treatment. 

You can always start at your own pace. However, here are our recommendations for each type of knee injury.

Acute Knee Injuries (sprains, strains and dislocations)

3 - 12 Medium to Large (depending on size of injury) FASTT Patches. Wear one patch for 48 hours, remove and let rest for 24 hours and repeat process with remaining patches. Acute injuries will heal quicker than chronic injuries and relief is usually experienced within the first three patches. Continue with the remainder of the patches for permanent healing and greater relief.

Chronic Knee Pain or Cartilage Damage (degenerative arthritis, bone-on-bone, torn meniscus/labrum)

3-6 months of Large Whitee Patches and LC Balancer (10 patches and 4 LC Balancer). Wear one patch for 48 hours, remove and let rest for 24 hours and repeat process with remaining patches. Take LC Balancer as directed on bottle. Significant reduction of pain and increased range of motion should occur within the first month of using the patches. It takes longer to re-grow the cartilage and although symptoms may drastically decrease within the first month it is recommended to continue the protocol for 3-6 months for lasting and permanent results.

Please note: it is very important to place the patch directly over the area of pain or irritation, usually very close to the center of the joint, or where the tendon inserts into the bone. Because these patches are working with the bodies natural state of inflammation to bring healing nutrients to damaged areas, an increase in pain/soreness could be experienced but will go away with continued use. As these patches are also pulling toxins from the cellular debris of the injured area, skin irritation or rashes may occur and are not harmful. The use of Aloe Vera gel or Apple Cider Vinegar will greatly help.

These patches are not intended to prevent, diagnose or cure any disease. They are for Musculoskeletal injuries.

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